Cruzeiro ao pôr do sol

Testemunhe a quietude do Zambeze

Cruze o Zambeze

Experience the beauty of the Zambezi River as the sun sets over your guided cruise. This is one of our guests’ favourite activities at Royal Chundu, a chance to relax while our guides whisk you down one of Africa’s grandest rivers, a river of myth and romance, in one of our spacious, open pontoon boats. Watch crocodiles slip off the banks under water as you approach and listen to the snorting hippos with a glass of your favourite tipple in hand. In drier months, when the sandbanks are exposed, the skipper will anchor near “Ellie Corner”, where you can spot herds of elephants as they drink, play and bathe on the river’s edge nearby. Other game to be seen include baboon, impala, warthog and buffalo. During this time, the African Skimmers return to nest. Already extinct in South Africa, this is a truly incredible species of bird to witness.