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The Faces of the Zambezi

Royal Chundu exists in unison with the surrounding villages – that of Mushekwa, the neighbouring mostly agricultural village, and Muluka, the local fishing village.

We employ only people from the villages we share our home on the banks of the Zambezi with, by using revenue from tourism to uplift our local communities. In turn, the faces you will meet here imbue our lodge, our guests’ experiences, with the spirit of Zambia. They bring with them vast traditional knowledge of Zambian cuisine and the natural surroundings – from the indigenous plant life to the birds and fish of the Zambezi.

We source all our fresh supplies from within a three kilometre radius, to ensure freshness and support the local community. Our speciality bream is caught by local fishermen, while our free-range chickens, eggs, vegetables and other produce comes from the gardens of Mushekwa, led by Matriarch Edith Mushekwa, who also guides our guests on tours through her village.

We run a small women’s project promoting the production of curios and Christmas decorations made from traditional beads and local fabrics, and a community school – the Royal Chundu Foundation School, which educates three grades of children, from four to six years, and covers the entire Zambian curriculum using the modern advantages of tablets. Our social responsibility commitment also promotes therapists from the local villages, allowing previously unskilled women to be empowered by their natural abilities.

Join us for a tour of the local villages during your stay with us as you get to know the incredible personalities that make up the Royal Chundu family. It truly is the Zambian people and culture that makes this part of the world so special to experience.

The Zambian people are well known for their amicable nature, their warmth and simplicity. To them, etiquette and respect for elders are very important. The diversity in Zambian culture is reflected through the many cultural forms – the music, dance, food, religion, customs and crafts; from basket making to drumming (an integral part of Zambian music and dance and all major celebrations).

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