The Zambezi Joy Society


Find Your Chitenge Cheer

Connecting you with the patterns and makers of Zambia.

We invite you on a journey to the market...where a bright and beautiful variety of Chitenge cloths hang one over the other in waiting for new designers to scoop them up and shape them into a multitude of uses.

We’ve selected a few patterns and created Chitenge tablesettings and other items, made by seamstresses, weavers and woodworkers from the Zambezi region, for you to infuse your home, meal times and gifts with Chitenge Cheer.

The kind of cheer that also helps to empower small local business women and men.

The Zambezi Businessladies

We have been working for many years with local artisans close to Royal Chundu, in the villages around us or in the town of Livingstone ~ including women who have empowered themselves through small businesses, making and selling Chitenge designs and other traditional crafts, such as reed and wood items. These are the women behind our shop!

The Men Making & Shaking

Many incredible men around Royal Chundu have created items to accompany the tablesettings, such as napkin holders! Bathrewmeo is our dedicated carver and uses both his hands and feet to create his pieces. Mabi, who lives in the Malambo Village next to us, is the incredible artist behind our hand-carved and beaded Zambezi doorbells.

The Zambezi Influencers

We have expanded our reach of artists and suppliers to incorporate more of the families who continue to inspire us with their can-do, will-do, never-give-up spirit and the love and passion with which they create their goods, here on the banks of the Zambezi River in Zambia.

Chitenge Cushion Love

As our shop grows so will our collections available to order. In addition to our tablesettings, you can also purchase cushion covers in different Chitenge designs!



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