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“A good supply of capotes and plaids should not be neglected; two or three books; some rice…; a world of drawing materials…; as little dress as possible.”

No two travellers are alike, they are as dissimilar as the fish in the Zambezi. Some – like Edward Lear above – have a way of travelling that works for them, from their packing practices to their choice of travel companion. If this is your first time travelling to Africa, you are bound to have your expectations challenged and your routines tested. That is what makes countries like Zambia such exciting destinations.  To better prepare you for your trip to Royal Chundu on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls, we’ve compiled a list of need-to-know information and advice, from the currency and paperwork to knowing what to pack.


Zambia’s local currency is the Kwacha (ZKW). The US Dollar (USD) and the SA Rand (ZAR) are widely accepted in the country and for your convenience, we at Royal Chundu also accept MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards. Always travel with some smaller value notes for ease of transaction.


South African residents and SADC passport holders do not need a visa, but require a valid passport to enter Zambia. All non-SADC passport holders require a visa to enter Zambia. Visas can be purchased upon arrival at Livingstone at US$ 50 per visa. It is recommended that a dual-entry visa is purchased at a cost of US$80 to allow one to either enter Zimbabwe or Botswana for some of the activities on offer. Certain countries are not permitted to obtain visas at the port of entry and must apply in advance to a Zambian Mission or directly to the Chief Immigration Officer at Immigration Headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia.

What to Pack

The dress code for dinner is smart casual. It’s a good idea to pack a light jacket in summer and a thick jacket in winter. A waterproof, light raincoat is recommended when visiting Victoria Falls during high water months. Sunscreen and sunglasses are recommended all year round. Binoculars and cameras for birding and game viewing are an added bonus. 

Malaria Prevention

Zambia is a malaria area. It is advised that you use malaria prophylaxis and consult your doctor or pharmacist regarding recommended brands. Insect repellent is provided in the Royal Chundu suites and public areas and all suites are furnished with mosquito nets. Herbal malaria prophylaxis, Demal 200, is a safe malaria treatment for children. To acquire it, contact, (UK) +44 7747 856 468, or (SA) +27 82 535 9842.


Temperatures on the Zambezi River are relatively mild, generally between 64° and 86° F (18° and 30° C). Winter runs from May to July and is cool and dry, with temperatures around 68° F (20° C). August to October, temperatures rise excessively, with October being our hottest month, often reaching 104° F (40° C). November to April is rainy season with relief coming from occasional clear skies between downpours.

When packing for your stay with us, why not consider Packing for a Purpose?

Take a look here at how to play an important role in the lives of local children and families by bringing along a few extra essentials.


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