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Feeding the Soul

Food is intergral to Zambian culture. Our local gastronomy is full of distinct flavours, ingredients and customs. Dining at Royal Chundu takes you deeper into local life, into the terroir, into the history of the Zambezi. Our chefs are all Zambian and imbue each meal with the unique qualitites of cuisine that they grew up with. Ours is a taste of Zambia that tells the stories of the land and people, but with a twist of international classics and techniques.

Local & Sustainable

Soon you'll know just what we mean when we talk about delele leaves (‘Jew’s Mallow’ or wild jute), katapa (cassava leaves), impwa (African eggplants), chibwabwa (pumpkin leaves), chinshungwa (a wild vegetable only found in the rainy season) and mundambi (a species of Hibiscus)... You'll know the delicious flavours of village chicken and kapenta (the Tanganyika sardine).

All of our fresh supplies are sourced from our own vegetable gardens or farms neighbouring Royal Chundu, not only to minimise our carbon footprint, but to provide income for our local community and ensure the greatest freshness and taste. Our freshly-caught fish, namely bream, is bought from local fishermen, while our own free-range chickens provide our eggs.

All water at Royal Chundu is recycled and purified on the premises and all biodegradable waste is disposed of sustainably via our wormery, which feeds our vegetable garden.

Sit Down to Something Delicious

Meandering teak walkways lead to the main dining room at River Lodge and Island Lodge, where pan-African and international cuisine is prepared by our chefs, including a traditional tasting menu, where every dish is paired with one of South Africa’s celebrated wines. Both our lodges have indoor dining areas and viewing decks for outdoor meals beside the beauty of our private slice of the Zambezi River.

Bomas & Baobabs

Be a part of something special, with our traditional Zambian evening in the boma or dining under the great branches of an ancient baobab tree on the island. Watch the flames of the campfire or dinner being prepared on the barbeque, while streams of lanterns, Zambian drumming and the masked Makishi dancers set the mood, and then sit down under the African stars to local dishes and drinks.

Private Dining

Enjoy the option of retreating to the privacy of your own suite with in-room dining for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Weather permitting, head out on a private dining experience on a boat cruise or picnic, complete with silver settings and Persian rugs.

There are full bar facilities on the mainland and island for you to enjoy your favourite tipple at.

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