The Warm Heart of Africa

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The Lake of Stars

Have you ever wondered how Lake Malawi came to be called “The Lake of Stars”? Perhaps you thought the image to the right explained it, but the truth has something more to do with fish. David Livingstone bestowed the lake with this nickname after the fishermen who, each night, would fish in the water with the help of lanterns – lanterns that lit up the dark lake like the a starry night sky. Every year in September, the Lake of Stars lights up again for an internationally renowned music festival of the same name. We recommend staying right at the heart of the lake, at Kaya Mawa, on the tiny Likoma Island. Meet the local fishermen and other residents of Malawi – hippos, giant lizards, eagles, the odd Nile crocodile… The beauty of Malawi’s landscape is matched only by that of its people, whose warmth gained the country its nickname, “The Warm Heart of Africa.”

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