White-Water Rafting

Experience the Stairway to Heaven

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Ride the Raging Zambezi

With names like “Stairway to Heaven”, “Washing Machine”, and “Oblivion”, you can imagine what the white water rapids of the Zambezi River have in store for you. Daredevils will be guided through the rapids by an experienced guide who will help manoeuvre your boat down the fourth largest river in Africa. Be warned: you will get wet, but a photographer will be chasing the rapids with you to capture it all on film when you do. Visitors can opt for a half day or full day trip. The dry season offers a much bumpier ride, while the months following rainy season are just as exciting, as the whirlpools and boils present a few of their own surprises, too. End your adventure with a magnificent hike up the gorge and enjoy lunch overlooking one of the most magnificent rivers in the world.