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The Birding Call of Zambia

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Birdwatcher's Guide To Zambia

Our guides have grown up on the banks of the Zambezi. They know the river’s depths and inhabitants like the path that winds from their homes to the water itself. The calls of the African fish eagle and the sounds of the bleating-warbler have formed the background music of their childhoods.

On a birding cruise down the Zambezi, our guides will impart their knowledge of nature with you, pointing out the range of birdlife waiting to be sought out. Spot the finchlarks and flufftails tempting birdwatchers from the riverbank trees or the jacanas and kingfishers normally found beside hippos and crocodiles in the shallower reaches.

Choose from a morning (sunrise), late afternoon (sunset), nighttime, or full-day birding safari, tailored to your individual requirements. The shorter safaris last approximately two-and-a-half hours.

Catering specifically for birding specialists, the full-day safari includes guided vehicle transfers to the plains, other indigenous forest areas, and/or the Zambezi's islands. With binoculars and our extensive birder's checklist in hand, tick off all the species you manage to glimpse.


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