The Parrotfish Run

The Zambezi's Great Migration

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One of the biggest celebrations in Africa

Most people are familiar with the Great Migration through the Serengeti and Masai Mara, and they're familiar with the salmon run as they migrate from the ocean to river, but have you heard about the annual Parrotfish Run? Every year, from June to August, the Parrotfish Run takes over the Zambezi River, upstream from Victoria Falls. After the heavy rains, millions of fish from the floodplains are pulled downstream by the main river current. Once they hit the smaller rapids, they make for an easy catch for fishermen perched and waiting with their handwoven fishing baskets, made of reeds and palm tree leaves. Families set up camp along the riverbanks to take advantage of this annual event and the amount of fish caught over the event provides enough sustenance to last the local villages an entire year. From Royal Chundu, guests can take part in the run - whether spectating on the sidelines or attempting this unique angling style themselves.