The Mothers of Mushekwa

Meet the people of the Zambezi

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A unique community tour

We invite you to meet the people who call the riverbanks around Royal Chundu home, the faces we interact with daily, the hearts who remind us just what makes this part of the world so special. We exist in unison with the surrounding villages of Mushekwa and Muluka. We exist because they do. Discover more about our community on a walk through the villages. Learn more about the ways of Zambia, and by extension, Royal Chundu. We will escort you to and from the village by boat, slipping along the Zambezi River to the welcoming wave of your guide from the village - one of the mothers of Mushekwa. Discover more in our blog, The Ubuntu of the Upper Zambezi.
You will gain insight into the local traditions and customs as well as on the plants and herbs used for traditional medicine and to make cooking oil, soap, and other necessities.
Feel free to talk to the guide about adding a donation to the village fund.